Creative activities
Our partner artistravel offers painting, drawing and photo courses, partly in Buchenhof. If interested, please have a look at:

Health topics
The health trainer Regina Kistermann is our partner for a variety of topics and events related to your health, eg. stress management, meditation, fasting, etc. If necessary, we organize joint seminars and workshops.

Seminars for Companies
For years now, Ulrike Füßer teaches in Buchenhof about team-, organizational and personal development. For a successful meeting is more than a good lunch and a meeting room.

Typical regional cuisine
One of the most beautiful places in Worpswede is the restaurant “Hammhütte Neu Helgoland”. Enjoy the beautiful sunset in summer and in winter the crackling log fire, plus the typical Teufelsmoor kitchen.

Music and more ….
The Music Hall Worpswede is considered the “pearl” among national and international clubs. Wellknown Pop-, Jazz-, Rock- and Blues musicians appear on the stage of the old town banquet hall. The current program can be found at:

Events, tours, there’s a lot of useful information at:

Kulturland Teufelsmoor
A trip to Worpswede offers more than just art. In the „cultural country“ Teufelsmoor there is also regional culture, moor, history, stories, traditions, and much more:

Cultural foundation Osterholz
Information about the cultural foundation Osterholz, which, among others, organizes large art exhibition in Worpswede. Many works of the first painter generation, among others, by Hans am Ende, can be seen in the collection.

Immediately next to Buchenhof, you will find Barkenhoff, the former living house and studio of Heinrich Vogeler, who himself was one of the founders of the artists colony. Today, you will find a museum here and Worpswede archive.

Artist house Worpswede
The artist houses Worpswede are a place of international meeting. They promote professional artists in fine arts, literature and music by giving presence scholarships. They support projects of these artists and present it to the general public.

Foundation Worpswede
Maintenance and preservation of the local view in and around Worpswede, especially the areas around Weyerberg.
The foundation Worpswede uses its income to carry out the tasks, however, the foundation is mainly dependent upon donations.

studio 37
The design office for visual communication in Worpswede. studio 37 designs logos, business settings, prospectus and a lot more, e.g. even this website.

Living in Worpswede
There are people, who would like to live in Worpswede forever after spending few days here. If you too belong to those people, please have a look at the following link:

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